Thundercats: Cheetara 6" Action Figure

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Feature: Cheetara
Feature: Thundercats
Feature: Action Figure
The new ThunderCats animated series is a sweeping tale that combines swords and science and boasts ferocious battles with the highest of stakes. The grand origin story of Lion-O's ascension to the throne and of those who would thwart his destiny at any cost - takes on epic dimensions in this sharp new telling. Bandai America has launched the iconic ThunderCats toy line back into action with an all-new look. Crafted with great detail and quality, collectors and kids can play or display their favorite ThunderCats Heroes and Villains in their own environment and recreate scenes from the TV show.

Cheetara is an expert fighter whose duty is to protect LionO and the Sword of Omens at any cost. In the 4 figure, Cheetara has up to 14 points of articulation. Her figure also comes with a staff to protect against any evil. Cheetaras figure includes an embedded magnet, called ThunderLynx. The ThunderLynx system activates unique features in other products such as THUNDERACERS, Lizard Cannon, ThunderTank and Tower of Omens play set.

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