[Pre-Order] D&D 5th Edition: Dungeon Master's Screen Wilderness Kit

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Feature: Dungeon Master's Screen Wilderness
Feature: Dungeons & Dragons
Feature: D&D Accessories
Feature: D&D
Release Date: 11/17/2020

DM screen specially-designed for adventuring in harsh wilderness. Includes tables for weather, foraging, navigation, food and water needs, ship speeds, and more.

Dry-erase hex map of 100 blank hexes, numbered for easy reference. A dry erase Journey Tracker is also included for tracking progress, encounters, supplies, and more.

Laminated "Actions in Combat" sheet for new players to reference and keep up with key D&D rules with handy reference sheets for Wilderness Rules and Chases.

Illustrated punch-out cards of all 14 conditions, 9 cards to help track initiative, and 4 cards featuring the rules for exhaustion and extreme weather conditions.

Contents: A wilderness adventure DM Screen, dry erase hex map, journey tracker, 3 reference sheets, condition and initiative cards, and a card storage box

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