POP! Signature Series: Black Butler - Sebastian Vinyl Figure #16 [Signed by J. Michael Tatum]

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Feature: Sebastian Michaelis, J. Michael Tatum
Feature: Black Butler, Signature Series
Feature: POP! Vinyl
Feature: POP! Animation

Have you ever been to a convention to see your favorite artist/actor and you couldn't get your POP! figure signed? Well, you won't have to worry any longer!

Introducing our brand new Funko POP! Signature Series Line. These limited edition POP's will sport our authentic signature series hologram sticker to ensure you are getting the real deal. They will be limited and numbered per actor/artist. Most will be limited to 25 pieces, with the exception of our introductory piece.

This Funko POP has been signed by J. Michael Tatum, the voice actor of Sebastian from Black Butler!

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