Minimates: Marvel - Spiderman & Fire Chief Max Figure (NYCC 2011 Exclusive)

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Feature: Spider-Man & Firechief Max
Feature: Minimates
Feature: Building Toys

As one of New York Citys resident superheroes, SpiderMan sees a lot of fires, and puts his strength, agility and SpiderSense to good use rescuing anyone who might be trapped inside the burning building. But the real heroes are the men and women who do the same thing every day, without the benefit of a radioactive spiderbite. They may not be able to scale walls without a ladder, or break down a door without an axe, but the firefighters of NYC have truly earned the name New Yorks Bravest. This twopack of 2inch Minimates minifigures pairs Firefighter Spidey with an NYC Fireman, and includes an axe, a flashlight, and various interchangeable parts. Limited edition of only 3,000 pieces!

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