Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics: Octavia 6" Action Figure

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Feature: Octavia
Feature: Masters of the Universe
Feature: Action Figure
Eight is enough limbs, that is! Two arms, two legs, and four tenacious tentacles add up to one overreaching octopus. As an evil enforcer for Hordak, this scary sea creature from the classic POP Filmation series gets the upper hand or tentacle by putting the squeeze on her enemies. This figure arrives with a Horde crossbow that can be held in her hand, four interchangeable tentacles and four swords one for each tentacle!

Octavia Bio:
Real Name: Polypus Rorqu
The unpredictable waters of the Etherian seas are home to many sea creatures, none more dangerous and cunning than the Aquatican warrior Octavia. Working her way up the Horde ranks, she eventually became a Horde Commander, first in her home waters of Octopus Cove and eventually serving Hordak in The Sea of Sigh and the Fright Zone. Truly enjoying a good fight, she cackles shrilly while brandishing weapons in her four thrashing tentacles. Octavia uses her tentacles to hold weapons and capture her enemies, squeezing their bodies into submission.

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