Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics: Netossa 6" Action Figure

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Feature: Netossa
Feature: Masters of the Universe
Feature: Action Figure
Net advantage goes to Netossa! The Great Rebellion grows stronger with the help of this capable Princess of Power who knows how to seize the day and her enemies. This strong Etherian female was one of the final figures in the vintage Princess of Power line, and shes ready to take her place in your MOTUC collection. She comes with blue power shield and cape.

Netossa Bio

Real Name: Vivian Redretta

Hailing from the far reaches of Etheria, beyond the reach of the Horde, Vivian became an expert marksman, perfecting the art of net tossing to capture enemies and vandals. She is able to fool her adversaries by pretending not to notice that an evildoer is nearby. But if they get too close she pulls back her capes hidden drawstrings and the surprised culprit is captured inside the net! After learning of Hordaks oppression, her only desire became to free Etheria and its people from their evil stronghold. With her exotic accent and elegant fashions, Netossa can be so helpful in wrapping up trouble!

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