Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics: Count Marzo 6" Action Figure

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Feature: Count Marzo
Feature: Masters of the Universe
Feature: Action Figure
Although his campaign to take over all of Eternia was brutally brilliant, Count Marzo was ultimately proven to be no match for the heroic sons of King Miro! Along with a removable cape, this magnificent figure receives an all-new hand sculpt so the accompanying magic amulet can be held outstretched in battle position, ready to assist the Count in casting his malicious spells. Like all Masters of the Universe Classics figures, Count Marzo was designed by The Four Horsemen and is fully articulated.

Real Name: Marzo Kalif
A fifth degree wizard raised by evil mystics in the Dunes of Doom, Marzo spent most of his early life learning of the many advantages of magic over technology. Seeing the suffering of warriors in the Dark Hemisphere, Marzo become convinced that Eternia would be better off with him as its leader. He staged a series of strategic uprisings across the planet and challenged King Miro for his crown. Unable to defeat the Kings army, Marzo used his magical amulet to banish Miro into another dimension. In their fathers absence, Miros royal sons heroically joined together and defeated the wizard, trapping him in the form of a powerless old man.


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