Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics: Battleground Teela 6" Action Figure

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Feature: Battleground Teela
Feature: Masters of the Universe
Feature: Action Figure
After being wounded by King Hssss? venom, the Sorceress? of Grayskull? knew her time was short. She quickly arranged a mission with Teela? to the Elder?s training citadel in the Polar Ice Cap. Here, the Sorceress? revealed Teela?s true heritage, that she was secretly her magically cloned daughter and destined to become the next guardian of Castle Grayskull? and its secrets! Although in a state of disbelief, Teela? knew in her heart that her mother spoke the truth, and trained with the Sorceress? until the venom at last overtook her. Returning to Grayskull? as the new guardian, Teela? uses her new magic to protect the Power of Grayskull? and guard the safety of all Eternia?.


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