Mattel Ghostbusters 2016: Marshmallow & Cast Lights & Sounds Display Figure Set (SDCC 2016 Exclusive)

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Part Number: MT-DVR48-SDCC
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Feature: Marshmallow Man
Feature: Ghostbusters
Feature: Action Figure
Ghostbusters is back with an all new, paranormal team and spooky cool ghosts. Now with the GHOSTBUSTERS? Lights & Sounds Multi-Pack, you can join the fight. Battle alongside four 1.5? ghost busters mini figures who are armed and ready! Proton beams fire from their blasters as they try to take down the evil 6? Rowan figure, the giant ghost from the film. Press the button outside the box to launch a light and sound show of blue glowing proton beams as Rowan turns red and screams in rage! Press it again, and you?ll hear the iconic ?Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? theme song as the lights bounce to the beat of the music. Packaging features slime graphics and the iconic Ghostbusters? logo. Set also includes 3 AA batteries. It?s a multi-sensory interactive experience that real Ghostbusters fans and collectors will love!

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