Mattel DC Green Lantern: The Final Showdown Hal Jordan vs. Parallax Figure

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Feature: Hal Jordan, Parallax
Feature: Green Lantern
Feature: Action Figure
Green Lantern The Final Showdown: Parallax vs. Hal Jordan Figure 2-Pack: "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight!" Characters based on the new hit superhero film, Green Lantern. The monstrous entity of fear, Parallax, is ready to wreak havoc on Earth unless Hal Jordan can stop him! This 2-pack of Green Lantern figures recreates the exciting final battle in the film. Parallax figure comes in 10-inch scale with tentacles that move when he rolls across a flat surface. He also features a secret claw attack that can extend, grab his prey and launch it back out. Exclusive Hal Jordan figure is in 4-inch scale with bladed construct arm to fend off the monster. Can Hal save Earth from destruction?

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