Marvel Universe: Victor Von Doom Unmasked Action Figure #27 (NYCC 2011 Exclusive)

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Feature: Dr. Doom
Feature: Fantastic Four
Feature: Action Figure
Feature: Marvel Universe

Unable to achieve world domination by Earthly means, Victor Von Doom seizes opportunity in the cosmos. Only Doom could think himself powerful enough to stand before Thanos and declare what is yours will become mine. The Infinity Gauntlet now in his grasp, the fate of the universe hangs on the whims of evil unmasked: a man whose urge to destroy those who oppose him is rivaled only by his desire to see those enemies rendered helpless, cowering in the shadow of his own limitless might!

The action will be epic with this powerful Victor Von Doom figure! This detailed villain figure is out to rule the universe, and he comes with his destructive Infinity Gauntlet. Put it on his hand when he wants to strike out at his enemies and create chaos in the cosmos! Will the forces of good be able to stop your Victor Von Doom figure from carrying out his evil plans? It?s all up to you!

Figure comes with accessory.

Ages 4 and up.

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