Marvel Universe: Series 4 - She-Hulk 3.75" Action Figure #12

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Feature: She-Hulk
Feature: Series 4
Feature: Action Figure
Feature: Marvel Universe
After being shot by two crime syndicate thugs, attorney Jennifer Walters received a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, giving her nearly identical HULK powers. Walters has the same savage strength but, unlike the green goliath, her intelligence carries over into her SHE-HULK form. That unique combination of super strength and sharpened smarts made her one of the few heroes invited to become an official member of THE FANTASTIC FOUR.

Villains beware! This intimidating SHE-HULK heroine is ready to fight for whats right at any cost. Detailed action figure is poised for battle and ready to take a stand for justice or simply stand in your collection. Includes collectible comic shot! Figure comes with collectible comic shot.

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