Marvel Universe: Greatest Battles Comic Pack - Black Costume Spider Man & Dr. Doom Action Figure 2-Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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Feature: Spider-Man (Black Costume), Dr. Doom
Feature: Greatest Battles Comic Pack
Feature: Action Figure, Pack
Feature: Marvel Universe

Get in on the fast-paced action and excitement as you stage epic battles where your Black Costume SPIDER-MAN and DR. DOOM Marvel Universe Marvel's Greatest Battles Comic Action Figures fight side by side! Re-create your favorite scenes from the included MARVEL comic book or create your own super-powered showdowns. With these mighty articulated action figures, there's just no stopping the action!

The Marvel Universe Marvel's Greatest Battles Comic Action Figure 2-Pack includes:

A Black Costume SPIDER-MAN action figure
A DR. DOOM action figure
A MARVEL comic book featuring content from Future Foundation #4

SPIDER-MAN and DOCTOR DOOM on the same team? Stranger things are happening, like ripples in time and diabolical alternate versions of Reed Richards that must be defeated! SPIDER-MAN and DOCTOR DOOM were brought together on the Future Foundation to shape mankind's future through science. They'll need more than their brilliant minds to defeat what they're up against...if the villainous Von Doom can even be trusted. Ages 4 and up.

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