Marvel Movie Series: Thor: The Mighty Avenger - Ram Smash Volstagg Action Figure

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Feature: Volstagg
Feature: Thor: The Mighty Avenger
Feature: Action Figure
Feature: Marvel Movie Series
VOLSTAGG the Valiant is famous across Asgard for his boundless bravery, mighty axe, and endless appetite. It is rare, even in battle, to find him without food in his hand, or at least a pouch full of snacks. His hunger never distracts him from a battle, however, and his brother warriors are always glad to have his axe at their sides. Defeat the forces of evil wherever you and your VOLSTAGG figure find them. This fierce, determined hero has proven himself on many fields of battle, and his spinning axe ram accessory makes him especially prepared for crushing his foes and gaining victory for Asgard! The battles you and your mighty VOLSTAGG figure fight are sure to become legendary.

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