Marvel Infinite Series: Wave 3 - Valkyrie 3.75" Action Figure

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Feature: Valkyrie
Feature: Wave 3
Feature: Action Figure
Feature: Marvel Infinite Series
Once a goddess of Asgard, Valkyrie was chosen to carry the souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla. A master swordswoman, she now wields her enchanted blade, Dragonfang, in defense of humanity alongside Earth's mightiest heroes. Ages 4 and up

The enemies of justice don't stand a chance with your Marvel?s Valkyrie figure in the fight! This immortal superhero figure wields her sword in battle against the bad guys. Pose her arm for a mighty slashing attack in the ultimate Avengers combat!

Includes figure and accessory.

Marvel?s Valkyrie figure looks like the immortal Avenger
Figure comes with sword
Collect them all (each sold separately)

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