Marvel Infinite Series: Wave 3 - Omega Red 3.75" Action Figure

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Feature: Omega Red
Feature: Wave 3
Feature: Action Figure
Feature: Marvel Infinite Series
This mutant was already a twisted criminal before he was given Super-Soldier powers by the Russian government. His Carbonadium tentacles are fearsome weapons, but also a curse. The metal slowly poisons his body, forcing him to sap the life force from others in order to survive. Ages 4 and up

The Avengers have a fight on their hands with this Omega Red figure! This tentacled supervillain figure has terrifying tentacles and a master plan for evil. Pose him for a vicious many-armed attack in the ultimate Avengers combat!

Includes figure.

Omega Red figure looks like the Avengers? nemesis
Figure has the character?s signature tentacles
Collect them all (each sold separately)

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