Marvel Infinite Series: Wave 3 - Cyclops 3.75" Action Figure

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Feature: Cyclops
Feature: Wave 3
Feature: Action Figure
Feature: Marvel Infinite Series
For years, Scott Summers led his fellow X-Men into battle, but now he finds himself at the head of a growing mutant revolution. Although he wears the mantle of leadership uneasily, his comrades in arms trust Cyclops to guide mutant-kind to a better future.

The enemies of justice don't stand a chance with your Marvel?s Cyclops figure in the fight! This mutant superhero figure wears his visor into battle against the bad guys. Pose his arms to attack in the ultimate Avengers combat!

Includes figure.
Marvel?s Cyclops figure looks like the mutant Avenger
Figure wears visor
Collect them all (each sold separately)

Ages 4 and up

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