Marvel Infinite Series: Spider-Woman 6" Action Figure (Build A Figure Series: Hobgoblin)

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Part Number: HB-B1908
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Feature: Spider-Woman
Feature: Hobgoblin Series
Feature: Action Figure
Feature: Marvel Infinite Series
These heroines trap evil-doers with web-slinging super powers! Build your own winged Hobgoblin figure with the parts that come with these cool Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures! This Spider-Woman figure has the web-slinging powers to outwit her villainous foe, and she also comes with a torso part for you to build a Hobgoblin figure! Collect all 6 parts (other figures sold separately) to complete the criminal mastermind's body, then let him and your Spider-Woman figure duke it out! The action is epic when you build your own Hobgoblin figure!

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