G.I. Joe: Battle Force 2000 Vector X-36 Jet (JoeCon Exclusive)

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Feature: Vector X-36 Jet
Feature: G.I. Joe
Feature: Action Figure, Vehicle
Feature: Battleforce 2000
2017 GIJoeCon Exclusive 3 3/4" BF 2000 Vector X-30 Fighter Jet (1 pc)
This experimental USAF aircraft has an advanced forward-swept wing design that enables precise maneuverability. MAVERICK expertly pilots this fighter jet using the onboard computers and heads up display. He locks onto COBRA targets with the laser guidance weapon systems to score a victory for the G.I. JOE: Battle Force 2000 team.
Features opening canopy, removable wings, access panels, bombs x 2, missiles x 4.

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